MADE TO ORDER - 3/4" Pro-Tech BioThane Custom Dog Leash

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- We do not accept returns of custom leashes -

Made in the USA, the revolutionary BioThane Beta 520 material provides exceptional strength, flexibility, odor resistance, and an easy-to-clean waterproof coating. Stronger and more pliable than leather, we offer our Pro-Tech leashes in various lengths. The ¾” width is perfect for medium to large-sized dogs or when you want a heavier-weight lead for strong pullers and overly aggressive breeds.

All Pro-Tech leashes come with a black nickel-plated brass swivel clip and a black steel ring. Choose from the Kong Frog tactical clip, Kong Tango clip, Kong Tango 360 clip, or the popular Kong Frog 360 clip. 
For the Frog clip option we have added a black, 4-inch long, 1/2-inch wide, Biothane extension and a black double swivel end; whereas on the Tango clip option we’ve added 3/4-inch wide Biothane for the extension. 

These custom leashes are made of some the highest grade materials and components with an emphasis for law enforcement & military operations.

  • Build your own, custom options.
  • BioThane Beta 520 Super Heavy lead and handle
  • Flexible substrate core bonded with maintenance-free, odor-resistant, waterproof coating
  • Choose from the durable black nickel-plated swivel snap, or upgrade to the Kong Frog clip, Kong Tango clip, Kong Tango360 clip, or the ultimate Kong Frog360 clip
  • Available in 1-piece, 12-inch “traffic”, 2’-10’, 15’, 20’ & 30’ lengths
  • Optional add-on traffic handle to any length
  • Law enforcement and military-grade quality, suitable for any breed
  • Made in the USA of USA and international components

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 80 reviews

    Very nice long leash. Shipping is fast. I’d recommend.


    Leash is of really good quality. Kong clip is really nice even if a bit over kill for my dog. Definitely recommend if your looking for a strong easy to clean leash.

    Stuart K. (Atlanta, US)

    My 88 year old Mom can walk our 90lb. German Shepard with 1/2inch leash you
    made for me.
    PS,Mom likes the 6ft.leash you made awhile ago.

    F L. (Simi Valley, US)
    Very happy to have found K9-OPS

    I was doing research online for a new leash for my adult Lab. I stumbled onto K9-OPS and started looking at leashes made of Biothane.
    Having only used rope leashes, I had many questions and Coe was extremely patient, available and helpful before I decided to place an order for one.
    The leash I ended up ordering was a 7' 3/4 leash with Kong Frog 360.
    I walk my dog twice a day and can't be happier with the K9-OPS leash.
    Solid hardware and workmanship!
    No more rope burn like with my old rope leash (yes my Lab pulls a fair bit)
    These leashes are all custom made by K9-OPS and not from some factory in China with questionable material and quality control.
    Get one and you will love it!

    JACQUELINE M.M. (Brunswick, US)
    Excellent leash!

    Customer service is top notch!! Both leashes I had built are strong and I have no worries my 7mo hold husky will snap either of them or bust the clasp. When he's ready for longer than training length, I'll be ordering from k9ops again. And the sticker pack is so fun I decorated Archer's impact crate 😂